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And so it begins...

Soon we will take the magic of Day Zero to the depth of the Dead Sea. We are very aware of the incredible impact that music events can have on the environment. As we began our ascend to the deepest point of our planet earth, we would like to ask attention to read all the actions we took as a team to turn Day Zero Masada into a sustainable event. Cause and effect are taken care of and you can read what you can do when you join us. We have reached the point of no return. Our eyes have opened. We are creating an imminent effect on this planet with any simple action. It is time to do the necessary. It is time to avoid a negative impact by our actions. 



A lot of us will fly in to enjoy this event, artist and crowd alike. The carbon emission generated by airplanes is one of the most devastating impacts on our planets and while we enjoy our time away, we often don’t realise that. As we are taking the first steps towards zero emission at Day Zero Masada we plan to reduce our carbon emission to zero by carbon offsetting. The flights of our team and of our artists are compensated by protecting the Amazon in Brasil. But we continu.. Our travelling crowd can join this quest. As well as all the busses that will be travelling in from TLV, will be compensated by carbon offsetting as well. 


A problem we are confronted with on a daily basis is single-use-plastic and its fate in the sea. Now that our even takes place close to the world heritage, The Dead Sea, we have set our main goal to refuse, replace, recover, return and recycle any plastic and waste of this event.

Refuse and replace the plastic that you don’t need with alternatives.

Recover all the things that will never disappear if we wouldn’t recover it. We are all entering an extraordinary piece of land. Everything we bring in we will have to take out so the only thing that remains is our good energy and loving memories. We have on site teams that will make sure nothing ends ups in the bush and we rely partly on our crowd to avoid littering even in the darkest of hours. We activate you to participate in this process. You will be rewarded with tokens once you turn in cups and water bottles to our recycling stations.

Return the trash that we create to a disposal that can actually take care of it. Our teams has set up the transport of trash out of Massada. How do we handle this?

Recycle anything we can.


Soon we gather with many many incredible human beings at Day Zero Masada. Soon we will enjoy an experience that our team has been envisioning for months. Soon we will step foot on a piece of land that we call our world heritage. It needs all the love and care. We ask all of you to be more cautious, to be more caring, more conscious and to consider that we should all leave no trace. One cigarette butt, said 6 billion people and in our case thousands. Be aware that everything you drop on the ground in the jungle has to be taken out by some other person or it will stay there forever. Don’t make this someone’s responsibility.  

What options do you have to join our steps of sustainability: